Long term relationship tips

1. A similar way of life

Do you both enjoy traveling or online games? Parties or family gatherings? The similarity in lifestyle is an extremely powerful factor that can create the strongest families. This really matters: the similarity of views can be either an acquired property or an original one. In any case, the relationship can stand the test of time only if based on similar interests. […]

A Traditional Use of Fresh Flowers

Flower deliveries date back to the ancient Egyptians and their use of sending flowers as an act of admiring someone and love. The Egyptians also used the oil from the flowers for some very strong perfumed oil; the oil was mixed in the bath water for both men and women in ancient times. Even […]

Send flowers without worrying about them showing up late!

Whenever we find ourselves ordering things online, we almost always are working on a deadline that cannot be missed. This is because in our society we are always so busy that we tend to push things off until the very last minute. Unfortunately, whenever you think of sending someone online flowers, you are […]

Christmas Flowers – Picking the right Gift for the right person

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year. If you love Christmas but feel like there is never enough time to shop you are not a lone. There are so many things to worry about from Christmas parties to buying gifts. If you stress about what to get the hard […]

Forget Tempurpedic for your Memory Foam Mattress

Are you living with any of the following ailments: arthritis, acid reflux, or asthma? How about poor circulation or stress? Do you suffer from neuralgia, muscular pains, or back and neck pains? Did you know that by using chiropractic approved beds such as our adjustable beds or our memory foam mattress you could […]

Vapir Vaporizer Parts

If you have any part of the vapir vaporizer to be replaced then what you must do is first find out the manual and read the details about the vaporizer part. Find out whether the faulty part is still in the warranty period. You must look into the purchase date. This is why it […]

Mass Effect Street Date Broken

A pair of members from CAG were able to purchase Mass Effect (360) from Kmart. Also, ToysRUs.com and Walmart.com list the game as “in-stock”. Photo of game and receipt available by clicking through.read more | digg story
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Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Unveiled

Ferrari quietly unveiled their most ultimate Ferrari to date in Italy last weekend.read more | digg story
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Flickr Hits Two Billion Photo Uploads

Two billion photo uploads on Flickr. That
’s a lot of f****n’ photos. You’ll be glad to know that Flickr staffers have spent the past weeks placing bets on the exact date and time for passing the milestone, which went down sometime on Sunday.read more | digg story
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Why is the White House Taking So Long to Restore Deleted Emails?

The e-mails in question date from March 2003 to October 2005 — a crucial period that includes the Iraq invasion, a presidential election and Hurricane Katrina. White House officials have known for more than two years that the messages were deleted — a clear violation of presidential records-preservation statutes…read more | digg story
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