Online Dating Danger-Be Safe

Every one of us indulges or has indulged in some form of online dating, as convenient and as accessible online dating is, it has many downfalls. Some people may have malicious intent on meeting you, may be rob your or may be harm you physically. This is true especially in case of children and […]

Online Dating Advice

With the internet, the world surely has become a much smaller place. Apart from making business easier, convenient and efficient, it has made its mark on our personal lives also. How many of us has used chat rooms on yahoo or msn to chat with total strangers and made some friends across the globe? […]

Do’s And Dont’s For A Men While Dating

Well every man out there has made a mistake or two, while dating. It is very hard to put your self in the dating world again and again; only to see that you may have made mistakes that may put you back in your single status again. Here are some tips on what to […]

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